My workshop is my haven. And yet, perhaps I shouldn’t call it a workshop, but rather a playground. Better yet, it is an uncharted land ready to be explored. Woodworking is not a job for me. It is an adventure, an exploration, a joy. My work is a statement that lets the material speak while still saying something of myself in

my craftsmanship and artistic style. I always push myself to cover every detail with passionate care.

And there is a challenge, the challenge of originality and ingenuity. Being a student of furniture history I recognize so much unique work has been done. Yet I know there is more, much more that can be done. I don’t want to be clever for it’s sake alone. I want my work to inspire the viewers. I seek to communicate the joy inside me.

Either working for someone else or for myself it all begins with the design. Whether a piece of custom furniture or a sculpture of some sort, the choices of style, material and function, all work together to bring about the plan. A perfectly executed plan ends with a piece of art. At times I stand and stare, I come close and inspect and touch and enjoy the finished work. I thank God for my life, that I have the privilege to live it in such a rewarding way.

Artist Statement