I am an artist.  I have been since childhood. I started drawing in grade school. After a few years I realized I could reproduce a photograph with a pencil. So I took a few art classes in middle and high school. I also started writing poetry in middle school and haven’t stopped. I picked up a camera at one point to take pictures to draw from and ended up loving the medium of film.

I have yet to find a medium I didn’t like. I just don’t have enough time to pursue them all. So I had to make a choice. Working with wood was not only fun and artistic, it was practical. Sculpture, turning, and furniture making all interlink to provide an outlet for my passion for art. 

IN furniture, one of my design mottos is “Break the box.” Though straight lines and boxes can be awesome, I want to break away from repetition of the obvious. But finding clients who will allow me to do this is another story. Are you one?

In my endeavors to extend my craft of fine woodworking, I became a member of The Woodworkers Guild of Southern California. Over the last few years I have shown my work in a variety of shows and exhibits. For a while we managed a small gallery in San Pedro, “Urban Forest,”  where  we hosted our annual “Excellence in Wood” show. Other shows included “Good Wood - 2005” exhibited in the Tree People complex in Bel Air, CA and other venues and “Curves” shown in M.J. Higgins gallery in downtown Los Angeles. 

IN sculpture and turning I have the pleasure to be playful and adventurous. The boundaries of the practical and the functional disappear. I do not completely buy into “art for art’s sake,” but in sculpture I have come to learn there are very few rules. This opens up new ways to view things. 

I continue to explore and expand my understanding and abilities in woodworking. I am always looking to learn more. Plus one of the great realities about my work is that I’ll never need to retire. I’m already doing what I love.